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01.02.2015 Sonntag:
News: neues Van der Graaf Generator-Album "Merlin Atmos"
News: JJ Grey & Mofro - Album "Ol' Glory"/ VÖ 20.02.
Review: Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror (CD)
Review: Tervahäät - Taival (12-LP)
Review: If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest (CD)
Review: If These Trees Could Talk - Above The Earth, Below The Sky (CD)
29.01.2015 Donnerstag:
Review: Simeon Soul Charger - A Trick Of Light (CD)
News: Video von FIDDLER'S GREEN zum brandneuen Song "Take me back"
News: Beyond The Black - Video Premiere "In The Shadows" und Album Release
News: Eskimo Callboy - neues Album "Crystals"/ VÖ 06.03.
28.01.2015 Mittwoch:
Review: Hate - Crvsade:Zero (CD)
27.01.2015 Dienstag:
Livereview: Vorbericht: HATEFEST 2015 - Vader, Six Feet Under, Marduk, Hate
Review: Steve Rothery - The Ghosts Of Pripyat (CD)
News: neue Doppel-CD von Chris Thompson: "Jukebox: The Ultimate Collection"
News: JOACHIM WITT veröffentlicht sein neues Studio Album „ICH“ im April 2015
Review: The second coming - Die Wiederkehr - Chong Sheng (Film DVD)
25.01.2015 Sonntag:
Review: Dødsfall - Kaosmakt (CD)
Review: Thulcandra - Ascension Lost (CD)
Review: Periphery - Juggernaut: Alpha / Juggernaut: Omega (CD)
Review: Toundra - IV (CD)
Review: Shattered Skies - The World We Used To Know (CD)
Review: Akrotheism - Behold The Son of Plagues (CD)
Review: Thy Flesh - Thymiama Mannan (CD)
Review: Kaoskult - Secret Serpent (CD)
Review: Stormhold - The Lost World (CD)
Review: Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Pierce Their Husk (CD)
24.01.2015 Samstag:
Review: Space Eater - Passing Through The Fire To Molech (CD)
Review: Diablo Blvd. - Follow the Deadlights (CD)
Review: Archgoat - The Apocalyptic Triumphator (CD)
Review: Ingested - The Architect Of Extinction (CD)
Review: Benediction - Organised Chaos (CD)
Review: Benediction - Grind Bastard (CD)
Review: Sinister - Afterburner (CD)
Review: Sinister - Aggressive Measures (CD)
Review: Marduk - Frontschwein (CD)
Review: Level 10 - Chapter 1 (CD)
Review: Jorn Lande & Trond Holter present Dracula - Swing of death (CD)
Review: U.D.O. - Decadent (CD)
Review: Thunder - All I Want (CD)
Review: Ten - Albion (CD)
Review: Supernal Endgame - Touch The Sky: Volume II (CD)
Review: Rhys Marsh - Sentiment (CD)
Review: Power Unit - Time Chaser (CD)
Review: Mystery - From Dusk Till Dawn (CD)
23.01.2015 Freitag:
Review: Pavlov`s Dog - The Pekin Tapes (Recorded 1973) (CD)
Review: Saint Rebel - Saint Rebel (CD)
News: BalticSeaChild - Neue Band von Fury-Sänger Kai Wingenfelder sticht in See!/ VÖ 13.02.
Review: Stream City - Hoax (CD)
Review: Robert Jon & The Wreck - Glory Bound (CD)
Review: Rainbow - A Light In The Black (CD)
Review: Paddy Murphy - Coffin Ship (CD)
Review: Light Damage - Light Damage (CD)
Review: Ciccone Ritchie - Within Our Parameters (CD)
22.01.2015 Donnerstag:
Review: Symbolic - Omnidescent (CD)
Review: Fiddler's Green - 25 Blarney Roses (CD)
Review: Mad Alien - Time War (CD)
Review: JPL - MMXIV (CD)
Review: Hopscotch - Partyrausch (CD)
Review: Harmonic Generator - Heart (MCD)
Review: [Gaeleri] - Gates Of Rome (CD)
Review: Freedom To Glide - Sick To Death (MCD)
21.01.2015 Mittwoch:
Review: Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat (CD)
Review: Durango Riot - Face (CD)
Review: Blind Petition - Law & Order (CD)
Review: Bad Therapy - Creatures Of The Night (MCD)
Review: Ashes To Ashes - Borderline (CD)
Review: Arrow - Diary Of A Soldier (CD)
Review: 23 Acez - Redemption Waves (CD)
News: The Mavericks - neue CD "Mono" am 20.2.
20.01.2015 Dienstag:
Review: Robby Ballhause - Well Wasted Time (CD)
Review: Pallas - wearewhoweare (CD)
Review: Johnny Fontane And The Rivals - Lemme Tell Ya! (CD)
Review: Freddy And The Phantoms - Times Of Division (CD)
Review: Cruizzen - Free Ride (CD)
Review: Uli Jon Roth - Scorpions Revisited (CD)
Review: Gov´t Mule - feat. John Scofield – SCO-Mule (CD)
19.01.2015 Montag:
Review: Forever It Shall Be - Destroyer (CD)
News: Am 27.02. kommt das neue STEVEN WILSON Album "Hand. Cannot. Erase."
News: SAXON - Heavy Metal Thunder und The Saxon Chronicles/ 13.02.
Review: The Captive - Spurlos verschwunden - The Captive (Film DVD)
18.01.2015 Sonntag:
Review: Papa Roach - F.E.A.R. (CD)
Review: Mortal Factor - No Lessons Need Learning (CD)
17.01.2015 Samstag:
Review: Morbosidad - Tortura (CD)
Review: Agathocles - Agathocles / Satanic Malfunctions (Split-CD) (CD)
Review: Darkspace - III I (CD)
Review: Taake - Stridens Hus (CD)
16.01.2015 Freitag:
News: PANDEMONIUM "The Ancient Catatonia" + Bonus tracks official Vinyl-release!
Review: Dark Zodiac - See You In Hell (CD)
News: BEHEMOTH - Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer - official videoclp online
15.01.2015 Donnerstag:
Review: First Aid - Nursed (CD)
News: Judith Owen - neue CD "Ebb & Flow" am 27.2.
Review: Spidergawd - II (CD)
Review: V.A. - Wild - O.S.T. (CD)
News: Beyond The Black - Album "Songs of Love and Death"/ VÖ 13.02
News: Female-Fronted-Metal - Illuminata mit neuem Album “Where Stories Unfold“ ab 23. Januar!
Review: Hot Mama - Let It Die (MCD)
Review: Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor (CD)
13.01.2015 Dienstag:
Review: Gilgamesh - The Awakening (CD)
Review: Being Human - Being Human (Staffel 3) (Film DVD)
Review: Crossbones - Crossbones (Staffel 1) (Film DVD)
News: "The Pale Emperor" von Marilyn Manson im Album-Player
12.01.2015 Montag:
Review: Disaster - Blasphemy Attack (CD)
News: Soundtrack "Wild" am 16.01.
News: Gov’t Mule featuring John Scofield - 'Sco-Mule' am 23. Januar!
News: Prophecy Fest - 19. September 2015 - Balver Höhle
11.01.2015 Sonntag:
Review: Zmerna - Polydirectional Lines (CD)
Review: Horn Of The Rhino - Summoning Deliverance (CD)
Review: Black Crown Initiate - The Wreckage Of Stars (CD)
Review: Grorr - The Unknown Citizens (CD)
Livereview: Vorbericht: Devin Townsend Project - Chaos In The Skies Tour 2015 -
Review: Tune - Identity (CD)
Review: Under The Pledge Of Secrecy - Black Hole Mass Evolution (CD)
Livereview: DDevin Townsend Project: Chaos In The Skies Tour 2015
Review: Thrash Bombz - Dawn (MCD)
Review: 9000 John Doe - Redneck Is The New Black (CD)
10.01.2015 Samstag:
Review: Free Key Bit Chess - Havoc (CD)
09.01.2015 Freitag:
Review: Kosmik Skream - Kosmik Skream (CD)
Review: Angra - Secret Garden (CD)
Review: Divine Ascension - Liberator (CD)
Review: Chainfist - Scarred (CD)
07.01.2015 Mittwoch:
Review: Final Cut - Massive Resurrection (CD)
News: ULI JON ROTH mit neuem Album „SCORPIONS REVISITED“ am 06. Februar
News: Gov't Mule featuring John Scofield - Album 'Sco-Mule'/ VÖ 23.01.
Review: Run Pig Run - Tripsitter (CD)
Review: Nick Oliveri´s Uncontrollable - Leave Me Alone (CD)
Review: Beardfish - +4626-Comfortzone (CD)
Review: The Pact 2 - The Pact 2 (Film DVD)
04.01.2015 Sonntag:
News: Official Dekadent 'VERITAS' Movie Trailer:
Review: Dawn Ahead - Dawn Ahead (CD)
Review: Voivod - Infini (Re-release) (CD)
Review: Voivod - Katorz (Re-release) (CD)
Review: Dead Man's Boogie - Let's Dance Tonight! (CD)
Review: Deliver The Galaxy - Project Earth (CD)

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