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27.04.2015 Montag:
Livereview: Wacken 2015 - Vorbericht
Review: Nordic Giants - A Seance of Dark Delusions (CD)
Review: Heights - Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above (CD)
Review: Barren Earth - On lonely towers (CD)
23.04.2015 Donnerstag:
News: Leonrad Cohen-CD "Can´t Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour"
News: Tommy Bolin - TEASER 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set/ VÖ 15.05.
News: Heartbeat - Konzeptalbum "Facebook Lover" nebst dazugehörigem Comic und Video Premiere
News: J.B.O. - Jubiläen und der Tag des Bieres
News: XI. AMPHI FESTIVAL 2015 - 25. + 26.07.2015 – KÖLN | AMPHI EVENTPARK
Review: Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways – Doku (Film DVD)
News: We Are The Ocean - Videos zu „Ark“ und „Do it together“ online
Review: Eerie - Into Everlasting Death (CD)
Review: Cie? - Ecce Homo (CD)
22.04.2015 Mittwoch:
Review: Embrional - The Devil Inside (CD)
Review: Steve Vai - Stillness In Motion – Vai Live In L.A. (CD)
News: MONO INC. „Terlingua“ Album VÖ: 22.05.
News: EISBRECHER - dvd show 03. juni 2015 - münchen / circus krone
News: FREI.WILD – Aktuelles Album „Opposition“ geht ein zweites Mal auf Platz 1
Review: Michael Flexig presenta Combo Colossale e Amici - Porto Allegro (CD)
Review: Cryptex - Madeleine Effect (CD)
21.04.2015 Dienstag:
Review: Joe Bonamassa - Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks - CD (CD)
Review: Beth Hart - Better Than Home -die 2. Meinung- (CD)
News: DEW-SCENTED kündigen Europatour für Oktober an!
News: Rockharz 2015: Billing vollständig und Warm Up Party
News: Dekadent LIMITED Merch available on Bandcamp!
Review: The Sinful Saints - This is it (CD)
Review: Hellsing Ultimate OVA Vol. 4 - Herushingu OVA IV – The Bird of the Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame. (Film DVD)
Review: Electric Boogaloo - Electric Boogaloo (Film DVD)
News: VADER - Re-Releases als Vinyl, CD und Tape - The Legendary Demos
20.04.2015 Montag:
News: Shining (Norwegen) unterschreiben bei Spinefarm Rec.
News: Gov't Mule - 'Stoned Side Of The Mule'/ VÖ 17.04
News: To The Rats And Wolves - Album "Neverland"/ VÖ 01.05.
Review: Escape From Tomorrow - Escape From Tomorrow (Film DVD)
19.04.2015 Sonntag:
Review: Gavin Harrison - Cheating The Polygraph (CD)
18.04.2015 Samstag:
Livereview: Resonance - Tour 2015
16.04.2015 Donnerstag:
News: Anathema -Resonance Tour 2015- online
News: Roger Waters: "Amused To Death" verschiedene neue Editionen am 24.7.
Livereview: The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy 2015
News: Beyond The Black - neue Single "Love Me Forever" und aktuelle Live Termine
Review: Doctor Who - Doctor Who – Siebter Doktor Volume 3 (Film DVD)
News: A Chance For Metal Festival- Andernach 2015 (1.5.+2.5.2015 im JUZ Andernach - News
News: "Spectral Mornings 2015" von Steve Hackett, Rob Reed,... am 27.04.
Review: Anathema - Fine Days: 1999 – 2004 (CD)
15.04.2015 Mittwoch:
Livereview: Hatefest 2015 - Six Feet Under, Marduk, Vader, Hate
News: HEARTBEAT – Konzeptalbum „Facebook Lover“ nebst dazugehörigem Comic und Video Premiere!
News: Feuertal Festival 2015 mit u.a. Saltatio Mortis, Schandmaul, Fiddler’s Green... am 28./29.8.
News: Tommy Bolin - TEASER 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Box Set/ VÖ 15.05.
News: Music for Nations & Combat Records - gemeinsame Re-Relases seit 10.4.
News: Emerson, Lake & Palmer: "Trilogy" - neue 2CD+DVD am 24.4
Review: Debug – Feindliches System - Debug (Film DVD)
Review: The Dead Lands - The dead lands (Film DVD)
Review: Automata - Automata (Film DVD)
06.04.2015 Montag:
News: Wacken 2015: Vorläufige Running Order online/ SUICIDE SILENCE bestätigt
Review: Eschar - Nova (CD)
Review: Arcturon - Expect Us (CD)
Review: Triuwint - Nebelfall (CD)
Review: Cruenta Lacrymis - Sweetness and Blasphemy (CD)
Review: Beth Hart - Better than home (CD)
05.04.2015 Sonntag:
Review: Dan Deagh Wealcan - Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos In Between (CD)
Review: VholdGhast - Lat oss förbrinna (CD)
Review: Oceanwake - Sunless (CD)
Review: Loch Vostok - From These Waters (CD)
04.04.2015 Samstag:
Review: Ghost Bath - Moonlover (CD)
Review: Distance - I (CD)
Review: Callisto - Secret Youth (CD)
Review: Krakow - amaran (CD)
Review: The Stone - Nekroza (CD)
03.04.2015 Freitag:
News: Toto sind zurück mit einem neuem Studioalbum + Tour 2015!
News: Smokie 1975/2015 – The 40th Anniversary Gold Edition - VÖ: 27.3.
Review: Wretch - Warriors (CD)
Review: The Storyteller - Sacred Fire (CD)
Review: Metal Mercy - The Unborn Child (CD)
News: Festivalsommer: Scorpio-Festivals NEWS
News: LEVELLERS mit Dokumentarfilm "A Curious Life - The Story of the Levellers", VÖ: 24.04.
Review: Outcast – Die letzten Tempelritter - Outcast (Film DVD)
Review: Son of a gun - Son of a gun (Film DVD)
Review: Supermensch – Wer ist Shep Gordon? - Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (Film DVD)
02.04.2015 Donnerstag:
Review: Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz (CD)
Review: Kuko De Kobra - A Girl And Her Giraffe (CD)
Review: Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion - HFMC (CD)
Review: Gov´t Mule´ - Stoned Side Of The Mule Vol. 1 & 2 (CD)
Review: Gov´t Mule - Dub Side Of The Mule (CD)
Review: Baltic Sea Child - Baltic Sea Child (CD)
01.04.2015 Mittwoch:
News: Anathema: "Fine Days: 1999-2004" (3 CDs+DVD) und Vinyl-Neuauflage
News: FOO FIGHTERS: "Sonic Highways"-Dokumentation (DVD + Blu-Ray) // VÖ 03.04.
News: TREMONTI veröffentlichen zweites Album CAUTERIZE am 5. Juni via Fret12 Records
News: Melissa Etheridge - neues Video "MONSTER" und Tour im April!
News: Pre-Listening und neues Video - Gov't Mule - 'Dub Side Of The Mule'/ VÖ 03.04
Review: Christian Krumm - MORGOTH – Uncursed – The Morgoth Chronicles (Buch)
28.03.2015 Samstag:
Review: An Autumn for Crippled Children - The Long Goodbye (CD)

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